Puppy Pricing Information

Here at Aldebaran Retrievers, we are here to find puppies their forever home. A deposit is required in order to hold a puppy in the amount of $400 via cash app please contact us. If you pay for your puppy in full, then a deposit is not necessary.

All deposits are deducted from the purchase price of the puppy. If you are purchasing your puppy online, then this is not needed. We do accept Paypal purchases via invoice sent but those require a valid photo ID via the application form sent to the email in the application.

The purchase price is the amount of the puppy for adoption in the Puppy to Adopt shop plus the shipping cost. Shipping cost is based on quoted prices from various Puppy Travel carriers around the US. The puppy is only the price of the amount shown if you plan to pick up your puppy via the Free or $75 option in the checkout window while purchasing your puppy.

All information is there and if any more information is needed, please let us know. We ship out to the location given during checkout so please make sure the location is your home. So basically, to sum it up.

The puppy cost is $1600 + shipping cost. This could be around $1675 for direct pickup via a PetSmart location near Trenton, NJ. The price could also become $3800 total which would mean you are paying the initial puppy fee (that comes with vaccines and health certs along with a puppy package) and it is $1600 + $2200 in shipping added via citizen shipper to a location in California.

Shippers typically charge a base fee plus the cost of food, gas, and hotel stays. Dogs are required to take 2-3 hour breaks along the route so please be mindful of this. The puppies are old enough to go on the airplane. If you wish to do this yourself, we can drop off free of charge to you via PHL or you can purchase the air travel shipping option.

Thank you.