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A Star is Born

At Puppy Corner, it is a pleasure for us at Aldebaran Retrievers to present our esteemed customers with an introduction to our pup family.

  • Tongues and All

    Bentley Jr is having a blast savoring the deliciousness of air while patiently sitting and anticipating his beloved smoked links, all the while striking a pose for our Halloween snapshots.

  • Halloween Theme

    Get ready for some Halloween fun with little Winston as he poses for a spooktacular photoshoot, pumpkin scarf and all!

  • A cape for a Skywalker

    Luke, the master of cuteness, has decided to bless us with an absolutely adorable pose that showcases his stunning golden hue. As he patiently waits for his snack during his photoshoot, he effortlessly pulls off a backwards pose that oozes charm!